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Eno Diamond is the online catalogue of the life works of Corey Eno Ruffin, of Grand Rapids Michigan. 

Much of this work was created as the musical director and emcee of Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, which toured the nation from 2010 to 2020.  Though the music and scripts were written by Ruffin, the impact and effect of collaboration and a life lived 24/7 in each others company deserves all of its members just as much credit for the creation and execution of the acts as its director.  Those people are:


Lala Vulvaria:  (instagram) @rachelbutoh

Jax Nippleson @lunarp0ison

Sarah Jean Adventuretime @sarahjeanland

Joe the Cabdriver @nightgauntbaby

Regular Man

Camilla Cupcake

Marcella la Salsa

Florence of A'Labia

Velveeta the Cheetah

Vivacious Miss Audacious @missaudacious

Juno Mars @juno_mars


Okie Dokie @slaythemagus



Alex Hamel

Gordon Walters

Luke Angle

Konstantine Stebily

Mike Dodge

Brandon Ward

Dave Redding

Ian Thompson

Eli Wilson

Michael Sobie

Dan Bouley

Jordan Richards

Jonny Unicorn


Photography/Videography: Seth Thompson @sethrt

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